[mythtv-users] Does transcoding remove commercials?

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 03:41:00 UTC 2004

Thanks for that Matt, I never really understood it either, but I do now ;)

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On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 22:28:01 -0500, Matt Vollmar <matt at vollmars.com> wrote:
> Don Brett wrote:
> >Hi, I'm fairly confused.  Does MythTv have a feature that removes
> >commercials from a recorded .nuv file (i.e. rewrite the original file
> >commercial-less) keeping the original mpeg2 format?  Is it done with
> >transcoding?  This thread implies that MythTv doesn't do this.
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> >http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/88006?search_string=how%20to%20transcode;#88006
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> >Don
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> Yes, transcoding removes commercials IF you have a cut list, which is
> created when you use Edit (press E while viewing a movie).  You can then
> load commercials flagged by pressing Z.  After that, you navigate around
> and change or delete the cut points to suit your needs.  I find I have
> to slightly manipulate the cut-points to get it to cut everything, but
> it is a really good starting point.  After that, make sure the transcode
> settings are the same as the original quality that you recorded with,
> then go to Watch Recordings, choose the recording you edited, press the
> right arrow (assuming you are a luser with a keyboard like me) and
> choose "Begin Transcoding".  Will take anywhere between 5 minutes and an
> hour, depending on the size and what else is going on with your system.
> I just did this with a bunch of James Bond movies and I cut an hour
> (more or less) out of each recording!!!  That is a LOT of disk space saved.
> Matt
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