[mythtv-users] Xine & alsa.spdif + passtrough

Pete pete at putzin.net
Mon Nov 29 02:05:04 UTC 2004

On Sunday 28 November 2004 02:31 pm, Tomi Makinen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been reading atleast most of the posts about alsa and spdif.
> I am using FC1 with jarods guide, but I have lost my DD & DTS sounds.
> Is the xine that comes with apt-get compiled with alsa support ?
> What happens always is that, I get strange sounds from analog output
> when I try to use passthrough mode. I have intel 865 mobo and I use its
> soundcard. If I use the digitalsound howto and use the long .asoundrc I get
> all the sounds from spdif, but it is always mixed to 2 channels. Atleast
> my amp shows that it is PCM and prologic is used.
> Anyone got ideas how to configure Xine to give DVD sounds to spdif ?
> I would like that all the sounds would come from spdif, but it is not a
> must thing.
> - McIne -

From a reply given to me regarding something similar. Look for the subject 
Alsa Sound Out

> No. You have to check the box for "enable AC3 passthrough" in mythfrontend 
> MythTV to pass AC3. Both mplayer and xine (and Ogle, I presume) have to be 
> configured independently to pass raw AC3.
> My ~/.mplayer/config file has this in it:
> ac=hwac3,
> The comma says "fall back to whatever is auto-detected, if not AC3".
> For xine, I've got these in ~/.xine/config:
> audio.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through
> audio.alsa_a52_device:spdif
> I believe both of those were actually set using the Xine configuration UI.
>(Yes, to those who might be wondering, I'm finally adding xine info to my 

This should help you out. 
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