[mythtv-users] svideo max resolution...

Ijaaz A. Ullah ijaaz at digitalmethods.com
Sun Nov 28 23:20:53 UTC 2004

So, what you're saying is that my 4:3 tv is displaying 640x480 pixels and
you're claiming that that's identical to a 16:9 tv picture wise?  Cause,
640x480 = 4:3...

I've found that if I set the resolution to 800x600, etc it looks like it
shrinks it down and shows an 800x600 image in a 640x480 resolution.  i.e. it
looks scaled...

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a 16:9 video is still the same resolution as standard 4:3 video. when the
video was encoded for DVD or for broadcast it was squashed width wise and
when it is displayed again it is stretched out to fill the screen.

If you set a DVD player to wide screen on a normal TV and insert a 16:9 DVD
you will see the image as it is stored on the disc, a wide screen TV just
makes this image look as it is meant to.

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Is the maximum displayable resolution over svideo 640x480?  I've been having
problems getting anything beyond that...  it would be nice to have a 16:9
display over svideo.


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