[mythtv-users] Re: nuvexport/transcode settings survey for acceptable quality

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-users at beirdo.ca
Sun Nov 28 22:55:10 UTC 2004

Jonathan Markevich <mythtv at jonandtina.net> wrote:
> Well I've been experimenting a lot with the modules, and I get very good 
> quality out of using ffmpeg with the -b 1152 -vcodec mpeg1video -s 
> 352x240 -hq -qmax 3 -qmin 13 -ar 44100 -aspect 4:3 and that gets me 
> about 300 MB per hour, while being fairly VCD compliant.  I like this 
> very much because it encodes at 70-100fps.

If it's 300MB/hr it's not even close to VCD compliant.  VCD is about 600MB/hr
and is fixed bitrate at 1150kbit video, 224kbit audio.  If you calculate that
out, that's nowhere near 300MB/hr.


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