[mythtv-users] Dual-tuner in Pundit-R IRQ problems

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Thu Nov 25 15:30:09 UTC 2004

Dennis Oelkers wrote:
> mythtv at heisterberg.dk wrote:
>> As for heat problems I had no heat problems with only one tuner, 
>> though I must admit that the box hasn't been running that long. You 
>> are making me a little nervous here... :-) The heat may not be a 
>> problem if I have to switch case and mobo due to the irq issue. We'll 
>> have to see.
> Well, I had no problems with a bt878, temperature was stable. Then I got 
> a pvr-350 yesterday which replaced my old bt878, and the pundit shut 
> itself down after
> a few hours of running time due to the high temperature inside the case.
> Now I am running it with an open case, and I'll see what I can do to 
> make it run stable.
> Kind regards,
>                Dennis Oelkers
I've had a pundit-r running with 2 PVR250's for months without a 
problem. Sure you didn't disconnect the processorfan? :-)


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