[mythtv-users] HDTV Playback

dbakker at arrayasolutions.com dbakker at arrayasolutions.com
Wed Nov 24 17:58:46 UTC 2004

Red herring? So the mpeg4 stuff is in there but not used?

Xv is running, im using the nvidia driver and its 6629. glgears is giving 
me like 2400 fps.
I tried XVMC which ran much better (45% CPU) for about 5 seconds  but then 
myth started to complain about loss of video buffers and stopped 
displaying video.

Im going to try to use the kernels agpgart when i get home.


Doug Larrick <doug at ties.org> 
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11/24/2004 08:30 AM
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Re: [mythtv-users] HDTV Playback

dbakker at arrayasolutions.com wrote:
> I just installed a new P4 3GHz 1GB 2.6.9 frontend machine with a NVIDIA 
> 5200 card to help with HDTV playback. My backend is a P4 with 2 PVR250 
> cards and a HD3000 ATSC card. The problem is my frontend is running at 
> 100% CPU (50% mythfrontend and 50% X).

> One thing I noticed is 
> the HDTV Hardware LiveTV playback profile requires RTJPG or MPEG4. 

Red herring.  Not needed.  Ignore it.

 > Does anyone
> know why X would run so high? 

Double check that Xv is running properly (use 'xvinfo').  You're using 
the 'nvidia' driver, not 'nv', right?  What version?

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