[mythtv-users] Raid question for myth box

Patrick Van Humbeeck mythtv at b34tz.net
Wed Nov 24 06:21:44 UTC 2004

Hi Frank,

I second Chris's advice - either use linux software raid or use a real
hardware raid. my mobo also has that 'fake' raid controller (promise
something) but it's really not worth it, with your raid array you don't
want to take any chances since this is pretty critical. The 'fake' raid
controllers require specific drivers and you do not want to depend on that
(especially when troubleshooting/rescue boots etc).
At least with software or real hardware raid your array will be detected
and work fine even if you boot from an alternative boot disk for some
reason, it may be tricky to get/load those drivers for 'fake' raid cards
at that time.
you also don't want to run into issues with this when rebuilding kernels

software raid works great on sata drives anyway, you should get more then
enough performance for myth.



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