[mythtv-users] How well does Unichrome work?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 22:36:43 UTC 2004

--- Jarod Wilson <jcw at wilsonet.com> wrote:

> On Monday 22 November 2004 20:44, Joe Votour wrote:
> > Jarod (and everybody else interested),
> >
> > Hopefully this makes it under the correct thread,
> > since I lost the previous message from you.
> I don't think it did, but oh well. I saw it anyhow.
> :-)
> I'd been meaning to get back at you on this one, but
> got held up by some 
> segfault issues along the way (discussed on
> mythtv-dev), which uncovered 
> problems in the 11/16 Unichrome driver, and
> incompatibility of some sort with 
> the very latest FC2 kernel (2.6.9-1.3_FC2).
No problem on the delayed response, I was following
the issues on the mythtv-dev list that you were
seeing.  I'm running with 2.6.8-521.

> I don't know if the 3d-enabled Unichrome driver
> might help out with the ROMs 
> or not, I haven't had time to try it myself.
I think that I'm using it...  If I run glxinfo, it
informs me that direct rendering is enabled, and
glxgears is returning about 500 frames per second.

> Huh, I wasn't aware you could use deint w/this XvMC
> variant... I'll have to 
> try that myself. I've still got my box hooked to a
> monitor at the moment, 
> though it still looks really good.

Well, I'm not sure if the deint is actually doing
anything or not...  But I'm pretty sure that I'm
actually using XvMC, because the OSD is black and
white, and the options are checked off in the GUI.  I
will be doing more looking into this over the weekend.

> I actually finally got around to doing this myself
> last night, watching the 
> same recording[1] across all three of my systems.
> I'm failing to see what the 
> big deal with this ticker test is all about. :-)
> 1) perfectly smooth on my HDTV-connected box
> (GeForce FX 5200 to 
> VGA->Component transcoder).
> 2) Perfectly smooth on my SVideo-connected 27"
> Analog TV (onboard GeForce 4 
> MX).
> 3) Perfectly smooth most of the time hooked to a
> monitor off the EPIA's VGA 
> port. 
> The ticker on the EPIA would every once in a while
> start to look a tad bit 
> choppy, like a few frames were getting dropped. If I
> skipped back a few 
> seconds, upon resume, playback was perfectly smooth
> again.
Hmmm...  Perhaps the difference is that I was doing
this in LiveTV mode...  For the life of me, I couldn't
get anything working cleanly out of the GeForce 440MX,
or an ATI, or a Matrox for that matter.  They all
showed issues with the ticker.  It seems that if the
ticker is smooth, then the rest of the picture is
mostly smooth, which is kind of important for watching
any kind of sports.  Especially fast motion, like
wrestling (which isn't a sport, and it's value is
debatable - but I was able to watch WWE Raw last night
on the Epia, and it looked great - lots of fast

> No capture card in mine, and no optical drive, just
> a 2.5" laptop drive (had a 
> spare from when I upgraded my iBook a while back,
> decided to put it to use, 
> rather than mess w/diskless for now).

I think that's the route I'm going to go with mine. 
Get a 10GB (or smaller) 2.5" laptop drive, just enough
to boot the system and give it some swap space (if
necessary), and fetch the recordings and everything
else over the network.  They'll come from my dedicated
xmame machine.  :)

> I have no stutter w/the bottom portion of Titivillus
> fading out, but I do get 
> some when the top (larger) info portion fades out.

The stutter happens off and on with mine, it's
difficult to predict when it would happen.  In fact,
it's the same thing that happens on my PVR-350 as

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