[mythtv-users] Browsing Program Guide is Slow in CVS

Rob Rosenfeld mythtv.org at rosenfeld.to
Tue Nov 23 19:39:41 UTC 2004

James Armstrong wrote:

>>>> I've moved over to CVS lately and it has been helpful correcting my 
>>>> problems.  I'm currently running 0.16.20041115-1  However, there's 
>>>> one problem is has introduced.  The program guide is very slow to 
>>>> browse.  Everytime I hit page up or page down it takes about 10 
>>>> seconds to update.  Once the data's on the screen, I can browse it 
>>>> with the arrow keys at the expected speed, until I go off the 
>>>> "edge" and then it takes about 3 seconds to load each new channel.
>>>> It's interesting because I can flip through browse mode as quick as 
>>>> I can press the buttons.  It only takes 4 seconds to initially open 
>>>> the guide with data, compared to the 10 seconds it takes for a page 
>>>> up or page down.
>>>> Any insight into this?
>>> I had this problem a few weeks ago. It would pause everytime I paged 
>>> down or up. I looked at the backend logs and it would try 5 times 
>>> with a second or so between attempts to load the channel icon if it 
>>> could not access it. I had lost my channel icons when I upgraded to 
>>> fc2 and changed drives but the database still had channel icons 
>>> assigned for about half my channels. Myth will pause / try 5 times 
>>> to load an icon even if it does not exist. I don't know why it just 
>>> fails the first time when it cannot open the channel icon jpg. I 
>>> found the icons on my Misterhouse setup and put them in the channels 
>>> directory in the mythtv home directory and it works great now. If 
>>> this is your problem you can clear out the channel icon settings in 
>>> your database, download the channel icons, or try to fix the code to 
>>> not try so many times to load the channel icon if it does not exist.
>> Thanks, this sure seems to be my problem .  
>> /home/mythtv/.mythtv/channels is empty.  And I know they were there 
>> before I upgraded.   I re-ran
>> $ mkiconmap.pl
>> $ mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map iconmap.xml --update-icon-map
>> That's all the docs say to do, but the directory is still empty.  
>> What's supposed to grab the .jpg's?  Did I miss a step?
>> Rob
> That is the same thing I tried and had the same problem of no icons 
> getting updated. I just happened to find another program I used that 
> had downloaded the icons from the same zap2it source and had the same 
> jpg filenames so I used them.
Do you recall the program name?  Otherwise I figure a script that parses
the .url files and uses wget is in my future.

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