[mythtv-users] Browsing Program Guide is Slow in CVS

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Nov 23 13:56:56 UTC 2004

Rob Rosenfeld wrote:

> I've moved over to CVS lately and it has been helpful correcting my 
> problems.  I'm currently running 0.16.20041115-1  However, there's one 
> problem is has introduced.  The program guide is very slow to browse.  
> Everytime I hit page up or page down it takes about 10 seconds to 
> update.  Once the data's on the screen, I can browse it with the arrow 
> keys at the expected speed, until I go off the "edge" and then it 
> takes about 3 seconds to load each new channel.
> It's interesting because I can flip through browse mode as quick as I 
> can press the buttons.  It only takes 4 seconds to initially open the 
> guide with data, compared to the 10 seconds it takes for a page up or 
> page down.
> Any insight into this?
I had this problem a few weeks ago. It would pause everytime I paged 
down or up. I looked at the backend logs and it would try 5 times with a 
second or so between attempts to load the channel icon if it could not 
access it. I had lost my channel icons when I upgraded to fc2 and 
changed drives but the database still had channel icons assigned for 
about half my channels. Myth will pause / try 5 times to load an icon 
even if it does not exist. I don't know why it just fails the first time 
when it cannot open the channel icon jpg. I found the icons on my 
Misterhouse setup and put them in the channels directory in the mythtv 
home directory and it works great now. If this is your problem you can 
clear out the channel icon settings in your database, download the 
channel icons, or try to fix the code to not try so many times to load 
the channel icon if it does not exist.

- James

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