[mythtv-users] Known ivtv+pchdtv 3000 combos?

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 18:42:17 UTC 2004

> My combo works. 2 PVR250s and a HD3000. Im running:
>         Linux 2.6.9
>         IVTV ivtv-0.2.0-rc2p
>         PCHDTV (The latest on their web page) 03
> I put the following in my modules.conf
> alias char-major-81 videodev
> alias char-major-81-0 cx8800
> alias char-major-81-1 ivtv
> alias char-major-81-2 ivtv
> alias char-major-81-3 ivtv
> options ivtv ivtv_first_minor=1
> Somethings to note. Install the IVTV driver first. Make sure you delete
> all existing modules that relate to the PCHDTV driver and then install the
> PCHDTV driver. Load the PCHDTV first (cx8800) and then ivtv.
> Ive been running fine with this configuration.

Would you be able to give a bit more information on
how you got your PVR/PCHDTV combination to work?

First, the pcHDTV website is confusing.
Which download?
Under the bullet 'Full Upgraded Software?
Or under the bullet 'Latest V4L-hd Driver?

You say you have 2 PVR250s, yet the modules.conf
shows entries for 3, doesn't it?  (Mine is called modprobe.conf.)

It would help a lot to know the list of modules related
to the PCHDTV driver that have to be deleted, especially
since it seems to me that some of the IVTV modules have
the same name(s) as the PCHDTV modules.  It is SO hard
to figure out which software to install, I have never gotten
past that point.

I don't even look at the HD-3000 boxes anymore because
I just get so depressed reading about how others have got
their machines recording HDTV, and I can't figure out how to
clean up the mess I've made trying to install the PCHDTV
software.  Jarod's HOWTO has just made it too easy to get
something working without knowing what I'm doing. 

OH - how I wish there were a HOWTO such as Jarod's
for the PVR/PCHDTV combinations, specifically a PVR-350
with one or more HD-3000s.

Thanks, if you can provide any more information about
what you did to get your combination working.


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