[mythtv-users] PVR250 IR port as a blaster?

James Ogle jogle at wetafx.co.nz
Mon Nov 22 05:42:16 UTC 2004

Brad Fuller wrote:

> Calvin Gorriaran wrote:
>> Anyone know if you can use the IR port on the PVR250 as a blaster? My 
>> backend doesn't have a TV on it. I would like to get use out of that 
>> IR port if at all possible. I can't seem to get lirc compiled on 
>> Fedora Core 2 in order to use my old ACT-IR200L.
> Speaking of... kinda the reverse question: can you extend the IR wire 
> on the PVR-250? If so, how long can it be?

I have the ir receiver for my PVR350 one running through 5 meters of 
Cat5 without any issues.


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