[mythtv-users] ir blaster / external channel change script problems

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Sun Nov 21 01:55:44 UTC 2004

I have been having trouble with the backend changing channels reliably 
using the myblaster script. I can change the channels from a prompt 
reliably about 99% of the time, but when myth goes to change the 
channel, I get dropped digits and the dish receiver times out and goes 
to channel 100. I am thinking that the recording process startup is 
causing the external script to pause or run slowly causing the digit 
drops. I noticed that I get a 2 to 3 seconds of recording before the 
channel starts to change. Is the external channel change script called 
before the recording process starts or after the recording starts? I 
have added a nice -10 to the database external script command but I'm 
not sure if that helps. The script is the myblaster.pl perl script.

- James

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