[mythtv-users] Congress to Make Commercial Skipping Illegal

Gregory Nicholls gnicholls at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 19 19:54:13 UTC 2004

George Galt wrote:

>The House has passed HR 2391, which is being considered by the Senate
>today (11/16).  Successful passage by the Senate will put this bill on
>the President's desk late this year or early next.
>This bill makes it a violation of the Copyright Act to skip
>commercials using a technological means (hardware or software) -- and
>it makes it a violation to make the computer program that allows
>people to skip commercials.  You can get information on the bill here:
>and you can read the Wired story on the bill here:
>My suggestion is call your Senators and Representatives and let them
>know that it is ridiculous to make it illegal for you to skip
>commercials (assuming you agree that it is).
>You can reach your Senators and Representatives through the Capitol
>switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-3121.  Or you can email
>them by going to their web sites, which you can find through
>www.senate.gov or www.house.gov.
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    I think you'll find Senator McCain (R-Arizona) has a hold on this 
bill (at least he did last time I looked).

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