[mythtv-users] mythbackend "hangs"/stops recording

Christopher N. Deckard cnd at ecn.purdue.edu
Fri Nov 19 03:46:02 UTC 2004

Shawn wrote:
> You insensitive clod! I feel like an E.D. patient now... Sheesh... Now I
> really have to buy those 4 200GB Seagate SATAs to RAID5 together...
> That config seems to be the price/performance/size sweet spot right
> now... What R U running?

Athlon64, Promise TX-4 SATA controller, 6x200GB Seagate SATA drives. 
Two are a mirrored root (and swap) and four are a RAID5 for storage. 
Also using LVM as I have room for four more drives, so when Seagate 
comes out with 400GB SATA drives I can upgrade by 1.2TB.  :-)

Now if the SATA layer would just support hotswap so I can test my 
hotswap enclosures...

Back to the original topic...  I'm trying upgrading the IVTV driver to 
the newest.  I got this message in mythbackend.log after turning on full 
verbose logging:

2004-11-18 21:00:02 backend still changing state, waiting..


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