[mythtv-users] WHat will /var/log/messages...

Jonathan Chapman jc at izorch.net
Fri Nov 19 01:38:17 UTC 2004

I can't seem to get the remote to work in mythTV for the life of me.... 
I have the CVS version of mythtv insatlled and the rpm lirc working 
right now. I can do the /usr/bin/irw and I get all the correct key 
output from the remote when I startup mythfront end on both mythtv or 
root I get no messages to the /var/log/messages  but if I hit the escape 
key once in MythTV I get the following message to the /var/log/messages----
2004-11-18 17:35:29.537 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2004-11-18 17:35:29.537 adding: mythbox as a client (events: 0)
2004-11-18 17:35:29.650 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2004-11-18 17:35:29.650 adding: mythbox as a client (events: 1)

This only happened the first time I hit the esc key once I start 
mythfrontend... any ideas why my remote is not working?

Jonathan Chapman wrote:

> Yes I have done ./configure and qmake everytime I change settings.pro
> Kyle Kelly wrote:
>> Jonathan Chapman wrote:
>>> is it possible that when im making my cvd-myth that its not reading 
>>> the changed I made to my settings.pro file? because in settings.pro 
>>> i have uncommented the two native lirc lines
>> Do you redo qmake mythtv.pro after changing settings.pro?
>> Also it couldn't hurt to redo ./configure
>> I'm not exactly sure if this is necessary, but its worth a try.
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