[mythtv-users] pvr-250MCE capture problems

Lane Schwartz dowobeha at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 22:22:34 UTC 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 13:11:42 -0800, Jarod Wilson <jcw at wilsonet.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 18 November 2004 11:56, David wrote:
> > > My doc also says this info should be sent to the ivtv mailing list, not
> > > the Myth mailing list...
> >
> >  I tried removing the extra lines in modprobe.conf without success.
> > I'll followup to the ivtv list unless someone else has anything to add.
> I do. :-)
> > Thanks.
> No problem. You should also try:
> # /usr/lib/ivtv/ptune-ui.pl &
> # mplayer /dev/video0
> Then use ptune-ui to try different channels and frequency tables.
> > current dmesg output:
> Your dmesg output looks perfect. The driver is loading exactly like it should.
> I'm more inclined to think you just need to find the right freq table and
> channel to capture clean video. If that's not it, then definitely continue on
> the ivtv list.


FYI, I had a similar problem to this, where the picture didn't show up
properly in mplayer, even with additional tuning using ptune-ui.pl. I
got some static, moving color lines, but no clear picture and no
sound. Nevertheless, the card works just fine in Myth. Not sure if
that's worth a mention in the guide, but thought I'd bring it to your


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