[mythtv-users] Preserving HDTV AC3 audio stream whilst transcoding

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Nov 18 19:42:32 UTC 2004

On Thursday 18 November 2004 02:03 pm, Stephen Hocking wrote:
> Isaac Richards did say....
> > Xine and myth use identical amounts of cpu on my xp1800+ when using Xv --
> > ie, around 75% (and X using around 20% for both) when decoding 1080i. 
> > Both play back mostly smoothly, with a glitch every 10 seconds or so (ie,
> > the CPU is very marginal for what it's doing).   If you're seeing a
> > difference, you have a configuration issue.  What that may be, I don't
> > know, since you've not done much besides whine.
> Alright, 'fess up - what is your video card/display config? Mine's a Nvidia
> FX5200 and an InFocus X1 projector, set up to run at 1024x768 (its native
> resolution is 800x600, but it will scale down). I'm thinking that perhaps
> the video card might be slower at scaling to some resolutions. My CPU
> according to you should be adequate - it's an XP2400+ (about 2GHz).

Current CVS myth, a gf4 (4200), 66.26 drivers, not using XvMC (slower than Xv 
without a better card), no deinterlacing/filtering, doesn't matter what 
display res.  'Extra audio buffering' is turned on.

720p plays perfectly on this machine.

Of course, none of that is with the OSD displaying anything during playback - 
I don't have enough cpu to blend in software. =)


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