[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend Set top Box

Victor Snesarev vnsnes at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 00:57:48 UTC 2004

Joel Anderson wrote:

>>>>And the MediaMVP is under $100, it can be found as
>>>>low as $70 with rebates some times. It would be nice
>>>>to hear from someone who is using it. From the notes
>>>>on the mvpmc site, it seems to be up and running for
>>>>playback with Myth .6
>>>I'm using one.  Seems nice.  mvpmc software is still a work in progress
>>>though.  Very small, totally quiet, much more energy efficient than even
>>>a small PC.
>>Can you give a little background on how you're using this? Looking at
>>Aminocom's web site they have a few of these devices:
>>Which device are you using?
>>Then you have this device and it runs the mvpmc software?
>>This allows you to watch LiveTV from Myth? Recordings?
>>Just looking for a real world scenerio, with how you have this setup and
>>briefly what you're able to do. I'm looking for a low-cost, quiet
>>frontend to watch recordings and mythvideo and has a usable remote
> He has a Hauppauge MediaMVP, not an Aminocom product.
> There are two projects (AFAIK) working on Myth related software for it:
> http://mvpmc.sourceforge.net/
> http://mythmvp.org/

I had a chance to open up both the MediaMVP and the small Amino box and 
both are based on the same IBM Set-top Box Controller and seem to have 
similar architectures. MVMPC code may run just fine on Amino.

Amino has one more memory chip than the MVP. I don't know what it's used 
for: larger RAM for larger application or larger buffer space maybe. On 
the other hand MediaMVP has a PCB footprint for a CompactFlash card 
connector, but I read somewhere that Haupauge never got the CompactFlash 
support working well. It would be way cool to be able to change firmware 
just by plugging a CF card in.

Circuit City had a $20 on their MediaMVPs last month, but it appears to 
be gone now.

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