[mythtv-users] Making Sure XvMC is working

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Mon Nov 15 04:13:01 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 12:54, Tom E. Craddock, Jr. wrote:
> Ive been reading thru the lists and read that when XvMC is enabled, 
> people are seeing black and white OSD which flickers...now that doesnt 
> happen to me so Im not sure its enabled.  Ive chosed Bob as the 
> deinterlace filter, and checked the box for Xv as well, and when I start 
> mythfrontend, I see it says using XV port 145....but nothing about XvMC, 
> nothing in the backend log eitther.  I am using the 6629 Nvidia Drivers, 
> FX5700LE card on FC2 following Jarods guide, all updated from 
> Atrpms.net, and in my Xorg log it says 'Loading extension 
> XVideo-MotionCompensation' so I assume that means that X is loading the 
> XvMC extensions...Im just at a loss as to how to get this working, if it 
> isnt already, in Myth.  Im trying to see if using XvMC will help in 
> playback from my pcHDTV card on an XP2000+ AMD CPU, as Ive seen others 
> post that they are able to do so using a Celeron+XvMC+5200 Nvidia card 
> (Im getting prebuffering pauses, seems like it COULD play it back if it 
> had a bit more chutzpah to it which I hope XvMC will add).  Sorry if Im 
> adding to the confusion on the list, but I havent found a definitive way 
> to check that XvMC is working in MythTV.  If you need anymore info, 
> please let me know.

Hi Tom,

As far as I know, the black and while OSD is for VIA XvMC and not
Nvidia.  I know XvMC is working on my VIA CLE266 Epia-M10000 because the
cpu time goes from 100% to 15%.


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