[mythtv-users] XBox Myth Dongle/Remote Problem

David Levine curiouskangaroo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 02:46:32 UTC 2004

Hi.  I posted this question on Saturday on the bit.blkbx.com forum...
however, I'm assuming that not all Myth XBox users check there all the
time, so I thought I'd ask the question here as well.

I'm not even sure if this is actually a Myth problem... its possible
that it's an lirc problem or something else entirely.

Anyway, the main issue is that after a little while of use, the IR
dongle on the XBox stops responding to IR signals.  I know nothing's
wrong with the remote itself because I'm using a universal remote
which continues to be able to control other devices.  Plus a reset of
the XBox brings everything back to normal.  It also looks like others
have had similar issues.

Rather than wasting everyone's time and bandwidth posting all the
technical details, I'll just throw in a link to the forum posting so
those who are interested can check it out:


I didn't actually start the topic.  My postings are the 5th and 6th
ones.  I've placed as much relevant info as I could think of there.

I'm very anxious to solve this issue, so I'd appreciate any tips from
the Myth XBox users out there!


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