[ml] [mythtv-users] Mandrake 10.1 Issues

Dave Ashmore pubmail at djash.com
Mon Nov 15 01:20:07 UTC 2004

Jared McIntyre wrote:

> Okay, I've fought this for about a day, so its time for to give in and 
> start asking questions.  I have a relatively fresh install of Mandrake 
> 10.1 Community.  I've been attempting to install using Thac's RPMs for 
> 10.1, but so far haven't gotten anywhere.  I'm running into a great 
> deal of dependency faults.  For example, I can't install xmltv because 
> urpmi can't find the perl XML:Twig package. Now, I actually have 
> XML:Twig installed (through CPAN), but I can't find an rpm to 
> reinstall it so that the MythTV package will find it. There are other 
> dependency issues I've run into as well, but this is the one that is 
> completely in the way now, and since it sounds like most people 
> haven't had any troubles with a 10.1 install, I'm guessing its a 
> simple setup issue that I'm missing and that will fix everything.  Any 
> ideas?
> Thanks for your time,
> Jared
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Try using thacs rpms for 10.0 It will install ok.
I did have like one dependency problem for libFLAC or something.
I got it somewhere else and the mytv then installed ok.
Now If I could just get my pvr-350 to work...sigh.

Dave Ashmore
MDK 10.1 Official Mozilla 1.7.3

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