[mythtv-users] One problem after another (ivtvfwextract)

zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx zardoz at ZardoZ.ath.cx
Sun Nov 14 11:30:24 UTC 2004

copy this : 


to your .....ivtv/utils directory and use

./ivtvfwextract.pl pvr48wdm_1.8.22037.exe



On Sunday 14 November 2004 08:43, clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> Well, I seem to progress from one problem to the next.
> In installing the PVBR-250 driver, it seems that I need some firmware
> that is extracted from a windows driver.  It APPEARS that the program
> ivtvfwextract is supposed to do this if you just mount the Hauppauge
> CD on /mnt/cdrom.
> Sigh.
> I have mounted the CD there, and I have tried putting the path to the
> file in the command line.  In both cases I get exactly the same error
> message, namely:
>     [root at MythTV driver]# ./ivtvfwextract.pl pvr250_22_22292.exe
>     ./ivtvfwextract.pl: Can't open /tmp/ivtvex.4700/hcwpvrp2.sys: No such
> file or directory
> I havent examined the program to see why it is trying to open this file
> and failing, mumph.
> Again, am I doing something wrong?
> I did a quick search with GOOGLE and didnt see this firmware anywhere where
> I could just grab it, so getting the ivtv driver to work is currently a
> lost cause.
> Since Im sure Im going to what to do this again later to update this
> firmware, it would be nice to know what is going wrong here.
> [[ More and more, Im beginning to believe that my decision to build
> everyting from scratch, so I could see how it all went together was a bad
> decision,- ]]

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