[mythtv-users] Problem following Jarods Guide.

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Does this mean that you do not have audio issues (prebuffering audio) 
while watching live TV on the pundit ? If no please share ivtv, alsa and 
kernel version (and config files if you're willing)...

lekkim - getting kind of desperate :-)

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Re: [mythtv-users] Problem following Jarods Guide.

I got my PVR-350 working.. I had done three things wrong.
1. (most stupid) i had forgotten the following: Or rather, for some reason 
i got it in my head that this came AFTER the test capture.
# /usr/bin/ivtvctl -u 0xff
# /usr/bin/ivtvctl -p 4
# /usr/bin/ivtvctl -f width=720,height=576 
2. I had to use ivtvctl -p 0 (what is port 4? For that matter, where can i 
find "whats what" on the PVR350?)
3. Cabling. Stupid here thought that the cables included with the PVR350 
where _input_ cables.. But they were output cables. So, after doing 1 and 
2 and rewiring a bit, i now did the cat /dev/video0 > file and voila, i 
got what was on the SVIDEO input. 
Neat. Now to try to get the REST working.
I still love the guide tho!
So, now i have:
Working TV-Out from the Onboard Video
Working Capture from the PVR-350
A slightly jealous comrade who thinks the software shipped with the PVR is 
crap compared to MythTV (he bought a PVR150 for his system) :)
Now to socialize with fiancee, back the mythbox up, and continue on my 
travels :)
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