[mythtv-users] pundit-r + pvr350

Claus M. Christiansen a at skjern-net.dk
Sat Nov 13 15:53:06 UTC 2004

Ryszard wrote:

>hi all,
>I'm attempting to get my pvr350 up and working wth my new pundit-r
>(using debian).
>I'm running 2.6.9 (the network card works unpatched), however i cant
>find a good set of ivtv drivers that will compile comletely.
>The closest i've got is the ivtv-0.2.0-rc2q.tgz package, however i
>cant get the utils compiled here.
>Another interesting thing, when loading ivtv, i see the saa7127 driver
>selecting NTSC when i've ased for it to use PAL in the
>/etc/modutils/ivtv file!
>if someone is able to point me in a direction to travel (i've not
>found much useful on google), that would be great!
Just bought a Pundit-R and I'm almost done setting it up now. The only 
thing missing is TV-out on the PVR-350.

I can compile just fine, but I did discover that if I enable APM instead 
of ACPI I get weird errors, ie IRQ errors and such, so you might try 
enabling ACPI.
I had the same problem with it defaulting to NTSC, what I did was I 
recompiled the kernel and completly disabling the eeprom reader. If you 
want I can send you my kernel .config (2.6.[7|9]).

Should we make this the Pundit-R working group, 'cause I would really 
like to get TV-out working, but has been unable too so far? ;-)



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