[mythtv-users] Regarding audio on Pundit-R (for Khanh Tran)

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Fri Nov 12 14:39:28 UTC 2004

Hmmm... I think I will purchase a SB Live on my way home from work - it 
will have to be a low-profile pci card since the asus is a little low for 
pci cards... Bummer I got the Pundit because it was a bare-bone with room 
for two pci cards i.e. two tuner cards.


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12-11-2004 15:24

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Re: [mythtv-users] Regarding audio on Pundit-R (for Khanh Tran)

I have the same bastard chipset in a asus p4r-800vm, men it hourts.

actually, 5 minutes ago I installed a 5 years old es1370 card to get rid 
that problem you describe.....imagine, it works. ;-)

on alsa-devel & users there were some threads that if you play with acpi 
would work - I havent had success.
kernel options you could try (i did all, reboot freaking 100 times)

and, of course a combination of any these......

alsa-dev's talk about acpi-bug, or you need a preemptive kernel and stuff 
alike .
don't wanna blame them (i am not a coder at all), but tell me why my e1370 

works without any tweaking described above ? it is a driver issue imho.

good luck !



On Friday 12 November 2004 14:58, mythtv at heisterberg.dk wrote:
> Hi there,
> I saw that you're running mythtv on an Asus Pundit-R. I'm setting up a
> mythtv box as well on a Pundit-R (with the (new??) IGX chipset) and
> wondered if you also were having prebuffering audio issues ?? My audio
> skips while watching live tv and recorded shown and I'm pretty sure it 
> the audio since there is no issues if running without audio.
> If you indeed do not have any audio issues I would be VERY grateful for
> some information about your set-up (distribution, alsa-version, sound
> driver etc.).
> Thanks in advance,
> lekkim

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