[mythtv-users] Regarding audio on Pundit-R (for Khanh Tran)

mythtv at heisterberg.dk mythtv at heisterberg.dk
Fri Nov 12 13:58:21 UTC 2004

Hi there,

I saw that you're running mythtv on an Asus Pundit-R. I'm setting up a 
mythtv box as well on a Pundit-R (with the (new??) IGX chipset) and 
wondered if you also were having prebuffering audio issues ?? My audio 
skips while watching live tv and recorded shown and I'm pretty sure it is 
the audio since there is no issues if running without audio.

If you indeed do not have any audio issues I would be VERY grateful for 
some information about your set-up (distribution, alsa-version, sound 
driver etc.).

Thanks in advance,

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