[mythtv-users] ivtv and Hauppauge 250

T. Waldren mythtvbox at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 00:56:37 UTC 2004

I ran into a problem, and are not sure where to go from here.   When I
get to the part in Jarod's guide about testing my PVR 250, my system
cannot find a video0 (or any other video#) directories.

On the step where you do /bin/dmesg |grep ivtv, I get the following
results, which do not include the line that that the guide says we are
interested in.  I have followed all the steps, and cannot figure out
why the system does not seem to recognize my PVR 250 card.


ivtv: ==================== START INIT IVTV ====================
ivtv: version 0.1.10 (0.1.10-48.3_pre2_ck100zz.rhfc2.at) loading
ivtv: Linux version: 2.6.8-1.521 686 REGPARM 4KSTACKS gcc-3.3
ivtv: In case of problems please include the debug info
ivtv: between the START INIT IVTV and END INIT IVTV lines when
ivtv: mailing the ivtv-devel mailinglist.
ivtv: Autodetected WinTV PVR 250 card
ivtv: Found an iTVC16 based chip
ivtv: Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 (was 32)
ivtv: pci: PCIBUS detected device: 0x01e0 vendor: 0x10de
ivtv: i2c attach [client=tveeprom[0],ok]
ivtv: Tuner Type 2, Tuner formats 0x00001000, Radio: yes, Model
0x00893450, Revision 0x00000000
ivtv: NTSC tuner detected
ivtv: Radio detected
tuner: chip found at addr 0xc2 i2c-bus ivtv i2c driver #0
ivtv: i2c attach [client=(tuner unset),ok]
saa7115: starting probe for adapter ivtv i2c driver #0 (0x10005)
ivtv: i2c attach [client=saa7115[0],ok]
ivtv: i2c attach [client=MSP3448W-A2,ok]
ivtv: Encoder revision: 0x02040024
ivtv: Configuring WinTV PVR 250 card with 5 streams
ivtv: Create DMA stream 0 using 128 buffers of size 32768
ivtv: Create DMA stream 1 using 128 buffers of size 32768
ivtv: Create stream 2 using 128 buffers of size 52224
ivtv: Create DMA stream 3 using 128 buffers of size 32768
ivtv: Create stream 4
ivtv: Setting Tuner 2
tuner: type set to 2 (Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles)) by
ivtv i2c driver #0
ivtv: Setting audio matrix to input 3, output 1
ivtv: Switching standard to NTSC.
ivtv: Initialized WinTV PVR 250, card #0
ivtv: ====================  END INIT IVTV  ====================

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