[mythtv-users] To TiVo or mythTV it

Rich yahoo.rich at bladeracing.com
Thu Nov 11 19:56:40 UTC 2004

Thanks for the replies both on and off the MythTV list.  MythTV it is. An
order has been placed for the HD-3000.

The plan is to take the AMD Athlon MP 1600 1GB system and turn it into a
backend & frontend MythTV server.  The box sounds like a very large hover
craft which will get annoying so eventually a FE server will be needed.

The system does not have a TV out video card so I am going to replace
it with a GeForce FX5700LE.  Sounds like this maybe is over kill
based on some posts but hopefully it will help with the slower CPU speeds.

Also bumping up the HD space with a 200GB Segate and a Sony DVD burner.

Currently the system is running SuSE Rel 8.1.  The plan is to eradicate
this for for FC3 and downgrade as necessary.

No experience yet using IR devices with Linux.  If you have one you like
for the remote control I would like to hear from you.


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