[mythtv-users] Mythweb not function anymore

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Thu Nov 11 10:15:48 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 07:13, mythtv at busstra.net wrote:
> I'am running mythtv 0.16-1 on Debian unstable, using packages from:
> http://dijkstra.csh.rit.edu
> After upgrading from 0.15-1 to 0.16-1 I could not use mythweb
> anymore.
> If I point a webbrowser to localhost/mythweb/ the only thing I get is
> this:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in
> /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/init.php on line 62
> Line 62 says:
>     $dbh = mysql_connect(db_host, db_username, db_password)
> my conf.php says:
>     define('db_host',     'localhost');
>     define('db_username', 'mythtv');
>     define('db_password', 'foobar');
>     define('db_dbname',   'mythconverg');
> It drives me crazy. Can't find solution. Anyone around for some clue?

I had this same problem.  It appears that the mythweb package changed
from 0.16-1 using apache to 0.16-2 using apache2.

It took me days to fix and I'm not sure what I did.  The last thing I
remember doing was uninstalling and purgeing: apache, php, mythweb and
anything related.  And after rebooting, installing mythweb and letting
it pick apache and php.
I still get php error emailed to me sometimes.

Hope this helps,

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