[mythtv-users] To TiVo or mythTV it

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Thu Nov 11 02:12:56 UTC 2004

HDTivo exists but it's closer to 1000USD, which puts the economics of 
buying a $300 Tivo box into perspective.  It only does regular TV and 
cannot be upgraded.  I also think this thread has summarized why we are 
mostly rabid MythTVers.

I threw mine together from a lot of parts I had "hanging" around.  The 
only new purchases being a new MB/CPU/MEM to replace a dying one and PVR250.

Would I do it again ?  Most definitely.  This has been one of the most 
pleasant surprises I've ever had from Linux.  Isaac and the MythTV team 
are open source heroes.  The bigger issue is what the long term 
situation with TV listings is.  Right now we are getting them at the 
largess of zap2it.  This bothers me because they could pull the carpet 
out from underneath us any time they wanted to.  At that point mythtv 
becomes much less functional, because in the end what I really want is 
recorded TV that's based on accurate index information.  Who wants to go 
back to programming their VCR ?

I also own a Tivo Series 1.  Have done since the early days.  It's 
upgraded to the gills.  It's not going anywhere, but when it dies I'll 
probably not replace it.

When I can finally afford a decent HDTV set, I know which way I'll go 
MythTV all the way, I just need to convince the missus to let me have one :D


Joe Barnhart wrote:
> P.S.  Go for the Myth box.  If you want HDTV you don't
> really have an alternative.

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