[mythtv-users] Epia M10000 hardware mpeg2 tv-out issues

mgeller at mn.rr.com mgeller at mn.rr.com
Wed Nov 10 16:37:51 UTC 2004

Via Epia M10000, 512MB RAM, 20GB HD loaded with Fedora Core2 via Jerod's howto (thanks Jerod).  Software mpeg2 works but is way to CPU intensive and choppy to be practical.

Backend Dual P2-400, 512MB RAM, 120GB HD, Hauppauge pvr-250 loaded with Fedora Core2 via Jerod's howto.  The backend works fine and can watch live tv with major CPU usage.

Using the Unichrome drivers with a custom xorg.conf I got X to work via tv-out but the minute I try to watch live TV I get either a black screen or a error about insufficient resources.

What is the best method to leverage the mpeg2 hardware on the epia?  Is the Unichrome driver the way to go?  Does someone have a working xorg.conf using NTSC that they could give me to try?  Any help greatly apperciated.  I am so close to being done...

BTW is it worth changing to Fedora Core3 before I release this system to the family?  Will this help my mpeg2 issues?

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