[mythtv-users] Poor Reception only when watching Live TV. Recorded shows are Fine

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 12:22:00 UTC 2004

Using a DVB-T I find that when I watch Live TV the picture will often
break up at quite frequent intervals (every couple of seconds) and the
sound will squeal.  If I simply record the show, and then play it
back, the recording is pretty much crystal clear.

The funny thing is I can watch a recording whilst recording another
show with no problems, which would require the same amount of
performance from the hardware AFAIK.

I have a:
AMD Sempron 2400
Crappy mobo
TNT2 64 (32MB RAM) But without HW Acceleration and currently running
'nv' drivers (I can't get X running with the latest 'nvidia'
1 only AverMedia DVB-T

When I get the picture breakup and noisey squeals, the backend is
dumping a load of log messages from the DVB card like:
         Uncorrectable error in packet, dropped.
         Transport Stream Continuity Error PID = 512

Do you think this is some whacky problem with the lack of graphics
card beefiness or is it something more sinister?

PS - Before,I sent this email I had drafted, I managed to get the
nvidia 6111 drivers installed and running OK with hardware
acceleration.  The picture break up and squeals are much less common
on Live TV now but they still occur now and again.  Can I put this
down to my crappy portable ariel or is it the performance of the
Graphics Card?
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