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Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Wed Nov 10 08:50:47 UTC 2004

Yeah, I hear you.  Basically with ATI we are pretty much out of luck 
with advanced Support.  Now ATI is releasing an AMD64 chipset perhaps 
they'll make a greater effort to support Linux.  At least Nvidia has 
been making an effort of late.  Maybe ATI will start to see more of a 
market as Linux improves in multimedia.  At least 2.6 fixed the sound 
problem.  Now all we need is decent wide spread 3D support.

State of Play So Far:

	Company		Linux Support

	Nvidia		OK
	S3/Via		Making an Effort
	ATI		So-So
	Matrox		Crap
	Sigma		Crap
	Hauppage	Crap

Is there anyone else left ?  Xabre perhaps ?  I think everybody else is 
pretty much gone.  It's so sad.

Lachlan McIntosh wrote:
> sorry i meant the radon chips.  i basically haven't got the on board sound or video working. 
> also i had to back port the driver to get dma working. 
> ymmv.
> Thanks 
> Lachlan McIntosh
> lachlan at directions.com.au
> Mobile: 0409 641471

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