[mythtv-users] V3-3500

Marc Perea marcperea at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 10 02:23:41 UTC 2004

Hello fellow MythTV enthusiasts!

This is my first attempt at building a MythTV box, and I am no expert with 
linux. I was wondering if anyone has had success with a voodoo3-3500TV being 
used as the backend capture device. I read the forums and found that plenty 
had problems, one mention of it working with Freevo, but no one posted that 
they were successful getting a V3 3500 to work with MythTV as the backend 
server. The 3500 is my only card with TV capture capability at the moment, 
and I am willing to purchase a better card if need be, but I was hoping to 
try this out and get started before dumping any money into the project. But 
if someone with more experience and knowledge than I hasn't got it working, 
I'd rather get a card that is known to work and won't cause hassle. Has 
anyone got the V3 working? If so, what flavor of linux works, were there any 
special dances you had to do, and any comments? If not, any recommendations 
for a good starter card, hopefully cheap$?

Additionally, I was thinking about trying out the Xbox hack for the frontend 
once I get the backend up and running, and I was wondering if anyone has 
anything bad to say about doing that - because so far I've only heard good 
things! Oh, and I guess it'd be nice to know if, once the Xbox has been 
hacked, can you restore it to be used as an Xbox again or is the hack a one 
way process with no turning back? Also, does it only work on certain Xbox's, 
or is the hack universal accross revisions (if there are any)?

Thanks for your comments!

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