[mythtv-users] GF4MX onboard video any good?

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Wed Nov 10 01:42:49 UTC 2004

Anthony Vito wrote:

>>If you need to drive an HDTV screen at higest res or intend to play
>>DOOM3 in linux, then perhaps you need a better card.
>I have that Biostar board and use the onboard video, via VGA though,
>not svideo, for HDTV with a pchdtv card. The VGA is running at 800x600
>because that's what my projector is. Using  just Xv and software
>decoding with an mobile 2800XP overclocked to nearly 2.2Ghz. The CPU
>basically runs at 100% but video is smooth with 1080i and Bob-DeInt. I
>have never tested higher resolutions on the output though. I'm not
>sure if the increase in data moving would cause skips or not.... DOOM3
>on the other hand.... probably not going to be very good looking.
Ok, it sounds like it uses standard nvidia drivers and is fast enough.  
Thanks for the data point!


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