[mythtv-users] And the bonehead award goes to...ME!

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 16:25:08 UTC 2004

Similar to my experience - my ariel feed goes via my Tivo, and when Tivo 
wasnt well (failed HDD) I turned it off, and then wondered why MythTV could 
not  get a picture... it was because the Tivo acts as an active amplifier, 
and when turned off it just blocks the RF signal :)


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>I fixed my mysterious video channel tuning problem.
> I have a VCR inline to the PVR-250 to make recordings
> of all my video tapes and had forgotten about it when
> Myth went to record a channel on Friday.  When I came
> home Friday to check the new scheduled recordings,
> they were all fuzz.  I spent the entire weekend doing
> Bare Metal installations of FC2 and MythTV.  Using Jarod's
> guide and Axel's RPMs, I got it down to about 3 hours.
> After the 5th time, I decided to walk away.  I had to work
> at the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday, so I just figured
> I'd get some separation to think about what might have
> gone wrong.
> Let's just say it was divine intervention.  It dawned on
> me when I was in church Sunday morning before going
> to the game that I had probably left the VCR on and
> had forgotten to turn it off Thursday night after making
> a mpg recording from Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.
> As soon as I got hom from working the game, I turned
> off the VCR, finished up configuring Myth for the 6th
> time in 2 days, and voila!,I was able to watch TV
> and record stuff as clear as a bell.
> What an idiot I am...thanks for all the help many of
> you diplomatically offered that explained I either have
> a bad card, the cable went bad, etc.  As I've told
> many people before - PEBCAK.
> I had a very good laugh at my own expense...LOL!
> Paul


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