[mythtv-users] Got an Xbox, Now what???

Stephen Longhurst steve at longsteve.com
Tue Nov 9 09:44:54 UTC 2004

> So, here I sit with an Xbox... no games,... just an Xbox,... and a wife
> asking how long it's going to take me to get it up and running.
> I've managed to get myself to a state of indecision. Should I go
> hardware mod, or software mod.

It depends mostly on whether you want to use the Xbox to play online
games with Xbox Live. The only side effect (that I can see) of using
the software mod method is that with an altered BIOS, you'll get
locked out of Xbox Live if you try and go online. With a hardware mod
chip, you can install it with a switch that will disable it
completely. I have an Xecuter 2 myself, which you'd have no problems
fitting I'm sure, and it has a nifty external switch and LED to let
you know it's on. When turned off, it's like it's not there.

> On power up, will it boot directly to MythTV? Or are there a couple of
> extra steps that I'll have to teach the wife???

If you can't get the Xbox to boot directly into Linux, you can
certainly get an alternative dashboard program that will allow you to
set a main menu item that says "MythTV".  Selecting this can be
configured to boot into Linux, where the usual Linux boot mechanisms
will let you autostart MythTV for sure.



Stephen Longhurst
steve at longsteve.com

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