[mythtv-users] Got an Xbox, Now what???

Matt Picker mpicker21 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 01:13:45 UTC 2004

The site that you will probobly want to check out is
actually www.xbox-linux.org.  I'm not sure about much
of the 1.6 stuff.  I did my 1.2 (i think) with the
simple tsop.  It didn't require me to buy a mod chip. 
Take that money and buy yourself the IR reciever and
remote.  Then I did the mech assault exploit to get to
run linux on it.  Then I just used raincoat to flash
the tsop with cromwell, which is supported for 1.6 now
I believe.  Be sure to unlock your hard drive if you
plan on using it.  You MUST do that before you tsop or
you'll have one like mine. :(  Good luck.

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