[mythtv-users] mythbackend aborts with: Illegal instruction

daryl daryl at weblane.com
Mon Nov 8 16:25:25 UTC 2004

folks, i am running mythbackend version: 0.16.20040906-1
on an old pentium pro without sse. i installed it on a
debian sarge system from source using apt-get.

i suspect this might be due to the use of video interlacing
on this old pentium pro. however it is not checked in
the mythfrontend, and it happens as mythbackend is
starting up.  i am wondering if there  is a build configure
option to not use interlace, and how to enable it through
the apt interface.

i am including the output from mythbackend below,
in case it means anything...



# mythbackend
Starting up as the master server.
2004-11-07 15:27:28 mythbackend: MythBackend started as master server
2004-11-07 15:27:28 mythbackend version: 0.16.20040906-1 www.mythtv.org
2004-11-07 15:27:28 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
2004-11-07 15:27:30 Found changes in the todo list.
2004-11-07 15:27:30 Scheduled 1 items in 0.443591 seconds.
2004-11-07 15:27:30 scheduler: Scheduled items
2004-11-07 15:27:30 Recording starts soon, AUTO-Startup assumed
2004-11-07 15:27:30 Started recording "Public Affairs" on channel: 1028 
on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
2004-11-07 15:27:30 scheduler: Schedule Change
2004-11-07 15:27:31 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
strange error flushing buffer ...
Illegal instruction

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