[mythtv-users] Channel changing stopped working after channelinformation refresh...

Josh Dalcher mythtv2 at dalcher.com
Mon Nov 8 03:57:38 UTC 2004

My apologies for not adding this: I am using Myth 0.16.
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  I recently refreshed my channel listing using mythtvsetup to fix a change in my cable provider listings.  Everything worked for a day, and then my wife noticed that my upcoming recordings showed no entries (even though there should be many) and LiveTV would not work.

  I am using a Hauppauge PVR-350, and have successfully been using it for nearly six months.  After I refreshed the channel listings, I have had trouble. To combat this, I re-ran mythtvsetup and cleared all existing table information.  I set up my 350 as it had been, as video0.  The default input is Tuner0.  For my cable listings, I am using DataDirect through mythtvsetup, and it finds my listings properly as expected.  I have assigned this video source (Cable) with my Tuner0.  My composites 0-4 and my SVideo 0-3 remain untouched, with nothing assigned to them.    I am not using a cable box in my setup.

  After this, I ran mythfilldatabase.  This rectified the Upcoming Recordings issue, however when I attempt to change the channel on my LiveTV it pauses for a second, redisplays the station it was first on, and shows me an on-screen display with no values.  The Guide data is there, but when I select a station from the Guide it does the exact same thing.  Playback of my previously recorded shows is working properly, I have not attempted to record any new programs since I started having these problems.

  Can someone help me get my LiveTV working properly again?  If you have any ideas, please send a message to this email address (mythtv2 at dalcher.com) or my personal email address (josh at dalcher.com) as I do not get to read these lists very often.

  Thank you!



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