[mythtv-users] Re: Problem with PVR250@480x480 in 0.16 not present in 0.15.1

Eric A. Cottrell eac at shore.net
Sun Nov 7 15:14:03 UTC 2004

Brad wrote:
> Very unlikely that it is a "feature" as I am running ivtv: version 0.1.9 
> (release) on a PVR 250 at various resolutions (480x480, 640x480, 
> 720x480) without any sign of this "bug". Obviously, if something is not 
> doing what it is supposed to, that is NOT a feature. It may, however, be 
> a bug in the ivtv driver.

Also given that it worked on my system under the 0.15.1 version.

I may try the suid configuration and see if that helps.  Maybe some 
thread doing the transcoding is not getting enough priority.

73 Eric

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