[mythtv-users] Highly confused - tuner type=39 ??

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Sun Nov 7 00:46:15 UTC 2004

Don Brett wrote:

>MythTv has been a long strange trip!  I've been working on this for at
>least two months.  I almost have it working, but all I get is snow when
>I play live tv.  I followed the guide at:
>, which is pretty good.  After long searches, I've found a suggestion to
>try (in /etc/modules.conf)
>options tuner type=39
>(instead of - options tuner type=2)
>This is the only setting that actually gives me video when I play live
>tv (which still has other problems, but it's better than snow).  Anyone
>know what this is about?  Should I try one of the Chris Kennedy ivtv
>drivers?  Thanks,
>Hauppauge - Win-Pvr 350 (purchased 2 months ago)
>Kernel - V - 2.4.26
>Alsa - 0.9.8
>ivtv - ivtv-0.1.9.tar.gz
>ivtv firmware from - pvr_1.18.21.22168_inf.zip
I'm still battling this problem.  The newest PVR cards use a new tuner 
type called LG TAPE, which is slightly different than the older tuner. 
It's tuner 47.  The IVTV drivers from Chris Kennedy support it, but the 
tuner.o module compiled in almost all current distributions DOES NOT 
support it without a patch.  The patch is available on chris' website, 
and I've successfully patched the kernel tuner module, but haven't 
succesfully compiled and installed the new module yet.  I just last 
night fubar'd my Slackware install by compiling all modules and 
installing them without re-compiling my kernel.

IE, I did:  make modules && modules_install

which screwed up all my modules so that nothing is working anymore.  I'm 
not sure what the right procedure for installing the single module is, 
but I'm sure that it IS possible without recompiling a kernel.   If you 
figure out what it is, let me know.  I'll be reinstalling Slackware 
again tonight. 

And Robert Kugelowski (sp?)  This NEEDS to be in the docs.  I've seen 
this problem popping up all over the place, and it's not easy to get 
info on. 


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