[mythtv-users] nuvexport/mythtranscode failingbecause fifodirdoesn't exist

Gilbert Morton ggmorton at pobox.com
Thu Nov 4 16:21:40 UTC 2004

So I created the fifo directory, in this case /tmp/fifodir_15841.
Then I ran nuvexport and it stops at this point.
Starting transcode.
processed:  0 of 0 frames (0.00%), 0 fps
No progress is printing out.

What can I do to troubleshoot this further?

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fifodirdoesn't exist

> Like the original poster said, apparently the fifo directories are not
> automatically created.

You answered your own question.  when running the commands manually, the 
fifodir does not get automatically created.  As I said before, I need to 
add a note to nuvexport to tell people to create the directories, too. 
mythtranscode does NOT do this, so it has to be done by hand.


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