[mythtv-users] Advice on a UK Shuttle XPC setup...

Prash getprashman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 12:32:17 UTC 2004

> > 1) How do I populate the channel list automatically.. I've had a play
> > with the tv_grab_uk_rt stuff and it seems to get the list, I've then
> > configured a few channels via the command line, but that's as far as I
> > can get.. nothing shows within mythtv itself and I can't really be
> > mithered typing in the whole list of channels. Do I really have to enter
> > all of the frequency settings, xml, ids etc.. in mythtv-setup? Seem like
> > a major headache if so.. If anyone can point me to any SQL scripts or
> > bash scripts that could take care of this, I'd appreciate it (I'm based
> > in Manchester)

Yes - you have to enter the channels. First open up a mplayer
/dev/video0 and  all the frequencies using ivtvctl/ptune. ivtvctl will
also tell you when the signal is good.

You can then either 
 -write your own script to insert the data into channel and program table
 - or enter them manually using mythfilldatabase --manual

All you have to do is go through the channels in 
For eg:

ptune.pl --freqtable pal-europe-west --list-channels
Set the frequencies using either ivtvctl or ptune.pl 
View using mplayer
identify the radiotimes Id  (same as in config file when --configure
command of tv_grab_uk_rt)
Insert data using mysql

(run tv_grab_uk_rt with your config file and pipe it to
mythfillatabase to populate program table)

> >
> > 2) I get a blank screen when I try and watch tv. However if I run scan
> > from the command line I can scan for channels and it picks them up,
> > meaning that all the modules are loaded for the 350 etc.. I presume this
> > problem will be related to the above.
> >

blank black screen? Normally happens when you haven't set up the -p
option in ivtvctl.

Search on this list - you'll find answers to many of your questions. 
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