[mythtv-users] mythvideo newbie question

Michael Fenston fenston-myth at san.rr.com
Thu Nov 4 05:19:30 UTC 2004

I want to be able to play external mpg files using my PVR-350 hardware 
mpg decoder.  So I copied a *.nuv file that I knew worked (able to 
playback in recordings) into my /video/videos directory and renamed it 
to test.mpg.  In the setup menu I changed the directory to /video/videos 
and then went to play it back thru the Videos playback section but all I 
see on that screen is


at the top and uparrow/downarrow icons but no selections.  Anyone know 
what I'm missing here?  I'm using atrpms mythtv-suite ... probably 
something basic I am missing here ...



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