[mythtv-users] MythTV and ISOs?

David Muench dave at wasteland.org
Thu Nov 4 00:38:56 UTC 2004

Here's a simpler script for you:



/usr/bin/xine -V xv -A alsa -pf -g "dvd:$1/"


I don't know what version it was added in, but my copy of xine-ui (0.9.23)
and xine-lib (1.0 rc5) play iso images directly. The crucial part is the
trailing slash after the filename. No loopback mount needed.


> True, but the idea behind ISOs is that if you want to copy the movie to a
> DVD, its a matter of just burning it straight to DVD and your done.
> Also keep some of the nicer things like menus etc.
> But its a idea to look at.
> The script just posted looks to do what they require.
> Andrew

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