[mythtv-users] ramfs for ringbuffer

Mike Burr mburr at pointdx.com
Wed Nov 3 16:25:24 UTC 2004

I noticed that after switching from a 3-ide-drive lvm partition to a 
single disk ide for my mythtv ringbuffer directory, my video will 
eventually get choppy and the sound will gradually get out of sync with 
the video. I could be mis-diagnosing the problem, but it seems to make 
some sense: lvm is generally faster, right (i/o distributed across 
multiple devices). The single disk is one of the disks that was part of 
the lvm partition and I have confirmed that DMA is enabled. If I have 
the memory to spare, would it be of any benefit to use a ramfs partition 
for my ringbuffer? Would this be impractical for any reason?


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