[mythtv-users] mythbackend crashes

Andrew Plumb aplumb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 22:33:10 UTC 2004

Hi Everyone,

It appears the mythbackend on my PVR-350 gave out again last night in
the middle of recording a program.  The only clue I can see besides
the usual "kernel: ivtv: VIM Restart" messages is the following
snippet right around when it gave out:

Nov  1 22:29:25 mythtv kernel: ivtv: needed 1 bufs for stream 0,
received 0 differ by (1) bufs
Nov  1 22:29:25 mythtv kernel: ivtv: SCHED: free_q: 0 elements
Nov  1 22:29:25 mythtv kernel: ivtv: SCHED: dma_q: 0 elements
Nov  1 22:29:25 mythtv kernel: ivtv: SCHED: full_q: 128 elements
...after which I don't see any more ivtv-related messages until just
now when I restarted the mythbackend.  Around the same time, I see the
following in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log:

2004-11-01 22:29:27 IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()
2004-11-01 22:29:28 IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()

Before I restart the backend, I can't watch live TV or access any of
my recorded shows; the front-end can't connect to the backend.  The
moment I restart the backend (/etc/init.d/mythbackend restart)
everything works again, so my guess is the problem lies more in
mythbackend than the underlying ivtv infrastructure.

This your basic, FC2 based install, using Jarod's guide, maintained
with apt-get using at-stable from atrpms.net.  Nothing fancy.




If you don't know what to do, do something.

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