[mythtv-users] Re: Scrolling in MythMusic playlist selection screen

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 17:25:13 UTC 2004

At 16:26 02/11/2004, you wrote:

>To add another data point here, I have a similar situation with the 
>MythMusic selection screen being very slow to navigate.
>If I select "Select Music" from the main MythMusic menu, I can hit right 
>to get over to the artist list, but when I press down, I have to wait 
>about 10-15 seconds for the selection to move.
>However, if I select "Play Music" first, then hit "3" to edit the 
>playlist, I can move around at real-time and it works as expected.
>I have 3603 rows in my musicmetadata table.
>While it's sitting there thinking about moving the selection down, there 
>is no hard drive activity, and memory is not an issue.  I'm using RedHat 
>9, QT 3.1.1, and kernel 2.4.20.  This has been an issue ever since the 
>mythmusic selection screen was refactored (0.15?).
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Ditto here, although I do experience slight slowdown when navigating the 
edit playlist from within the MythMusic player as well. I have about 6500 
tunes in my database. This is on gentoo, 2.4.25 (r6 release), Qt 3.3.3. 
Database is stored on a separate server over a 100Mb/s connection. 

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